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Maxfactor Brow Slanted Eye Brow Pencil W/ Brush (12 UNITS)

  • Brand: Max Factor
  • Model: 84097,13-4,30-1


Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil Women Brow Slanted Pencil 02 Soft Brown
Precisely Shaped Eyebrows Underline Your Natural Beauty And Frame Your Entire Face
The Automatic Max Factor Brow Slanted Pencil Eyebrow Eyeliner Shapes The Eyebrows And Complements Bald Spots

The Practical Brush Combs Unruly Hairs So That You’re Eyebrows Look Nourished
Complements Bald Spots And Draws The Desired Shape Of The Eyebrows
The Eyebrows And Emphasizes Their Natural Beauty
Practical Brush That Tames Unruly Hairs
Colour: 02 Soft Brown
Barcode: 3614227984097
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