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L'Oreal Oil Eyeshadow Assorted Mix (24 UNITS)

  • Brand: L'Oreal
  • Model: (D)46-5


  • Assorted mix guide:
  • Queen, Ruthless, Commander, Charmer Foil, Extra Foil, Flaming Matte, Fore Matte, Mogul Satin, On Top Matte, Ruler Matte, Stunner Satin
  • Eyeshadow enriched with oils, ultra-pigmented colour
  • Oil based formula provides a creamy, melting and modular texture that does not migrate. Maximum comfort all day long. Easy make-up removal. Suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • Thanks to its ultra-pigmented formula, the oil shade enhances your look with a satin, matt, metallic or glitter finish for a dense and bright result.
  • Can be easily applied to the finger or brush thanks to its creamy texture. For make-up remover, use a waterproof make-up remover or bi-phase micellar water.
  • Easy to remove makeup, suitable for sensitive eye
  • RRP: £6.90/each
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