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L’Oreal La Palette Gold 10pc Eyeshadows 7g (3 UNITS)

  • Brand: L'Oreal
  • Model: 308613,53-1


  • Exclusive symphony of 10 gold sprinkled eyeshadows
  • L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Gold Contains;
  • Shade 1: It’s A Beautiful Light Gold Toned Highlighting Shade That Provides A Perfect Illuminating Look To The Eyes.
  • Shade 2: It Is A Gorgeous Peach Shade That Has Some Shiny Glittery Particles In It.
  • Shade 3: This Is A Pretty Shiny Light Pinkish Highlighting Shade Which Looks Gorgeous On My Skin Tone.
  • Shade 4: It Is A Beautiful Mauve Shadewith Purple Undertones And Has Some Noticeable Shimmers In It. It Is One Of My Favourite Shades And It Looks Very Natural On The Eyes.
  • Shade 5: This One Is The Darkest Shade In The Palette And It’s A Deep Green Shade. It Doesn’t Have Any Overpowering Shimmers But Still, It Looks So Nice.
  • Shade 6: It’s A Dusky Warm Grey Shade With Shimmery Particles That Looks Very Natural On The Eyes.
  • Shade 7: This Is A Beautiful Light Slate Blue Shade With Some Gorgeous Shimmers In It. This Shade Is Unique And Looks Really Nice On The Eyelids. It Is One Of My Favourite Shades In This Palette.
  • Shade 8: This Is A Pretty Green Shade And It Also Doesn’t Have Any Shimmers In It.
  • Shade 9: It Is The Only Gold Shade In This Palette And It Is A Pretty Yellow Based Gold But It Doesn’t Have Any Shimmers In It.
  • Shade 10: It Is A Dark Olive Green Shade With Noticeable Golden Shimmers In It. It Has That Beautiful Shine In It That Looks Lovely On The Eyes.
  • Barcode: 3600523308613
  • RRP £ 14.99
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